Editing a Presentation can be performed in two ways:

  1. From the Manage Presentations Dialog – This can be accessed from the drop-down menu of the Story Setup.
  2. If a presentation already exists, you will be able to edit the Presentation from the Presentation Selector on the Main Toolbar (Pictured below).

Once Edit Presentations has been pressed via either method, a new toolbar will appear at the bottom of the story. This will be broken down in to 3 sections.

On the left-hand side of the toolbar, you will see the above icons. The “Presentation” refers to the name of the Presentation that you are currently editing.

Edit Slide order and Comments

Represented by a Pencil, you can change the order of the slides and any comments you have on those slides by pressing this button here.

Add a Slide

By pressing the Camera icon, it will take a snapshot of the current view that you are on. It is worth noting that on the exploded view (when an item is opened), the snapshot will only display the highlighted panel, and not all panels.

Replace Slide

You can also replace the current slide you have selected with a view you are currently on by pressing the icon that is represented by a camera with a downwards arrow

Delete Active Slide

The red cross will delete the slide you have selected.

Slide Chooser

You can use the arrows left or right to select the slide you wish to work on.


Using SharpCloud for Desktop (Varies from the Cloud based tool), you can Export the Presentation as a PowerPoint Slide where a presentation slide will result in a PowerPoint Slide.

Copy URL

This will copy the URL to your clipboard ready to be pasted.

Close Presentation Editor

Using the small “X” will close the presentation editor toolbar.