Once a new Presentation has been added from the Manage Presentations dialog screen (accessible from the Story Setup drop-down menu), you will be presented with the following options:

If you have Created a Presentation from PDF, you will see that the number of slides created represent the amount of pages in the PDF.


This is the name of the presentation that will be displayed on the main toolbar.


You can provide a brief description if you prefer, to give other administrators an indication of what the presentation is about when they access the Manage Presentation dialog screen.


This is the user who created the presentation.


This is the number of slides that currently exist in the presentation.


When a presentation is set to “Default”, this means that when a user enters the story, they will be prompted to “Play Presentation” or “No thanks, maybe later” before being able to access the story.


By pressing this button, the edit presentation toolbar will become available at the bottom of the story for you to add/remove/edit slides of the presentation.


Creates a copy of the Presentation.

Copy URL

This will copy the URL to your clipboard ready to be pasted.


This will delete the presentation.

Saving your changes

You must press “OK” to save the changes, by pressing the “x” or “Cancel”, the changes will not be saved.