The Base Filter’s primary use is to exclude items that you never wish to appear on the view, allowing you to create a view with the defined set of items. Unlike Interactive Filters, Base Filters don’t alter the structure of your view; your rows and columns will remain in sight, with only the items disappearing.


To create the base filter, simply define the filter and you will be presented with a new dialog window.

Add Item Filter 

This allows you to create multiple filter queries, ultimately combining different queries to form the correct subset of items to be available on the view. 

Choosing the properties

In the middle section of the dialog will be the attributes and calculated values available for you to set your filter up. You can deselect categories, attribute labels, ranges of values and tags for example to form the filter query. 


Just like item filters, you can create a filter query that includes relationship attribute values as a filter parameter also by simply navigating to the relationship section on the top toolbar of the filter dialog.

Related To

This is where you can generate a filter of items based upon a common item(s) they are related to. You can have it, so it functions on directly related items or up/down or levels removed of the relationship structure.

Clear everything

This will remove all filters built in the Base Filter and resets them to their default properties.

Clear Filter 1

This clears filters on an individual basis.