Items can be enriched with a range of content including images, videos and HTML documents/embedded sites. Where you want to include the same content in multiple items or multiple stories, you can do this via the data grid.

Global Panels

These panels are set in the Panels tab under the Items tab in the Story Setup where you can set a specific panel type to be displayed across a category or categories. You can have as many Global Panels as required. 

Item Panels

These are panels unique to specific items and do not apply to entire categories. These can be created by the Edit Item properties.


Opens a paste dialog where you can paste panel data from other stories or different items. The only required field is Name, which applies to the Item Name which you wish to have associated with the panel. This can be changed to match on either External ID or Internal ID. Panel title and Panel ID can be interchanged to export a unique field instead of a Panel Name.

Saving your changes

You must press “OK” to save the changes, any other way of leaving the data grid (clicking the cross or cancel) will result in your changes not being saved.