Tags are an easy way of selecting a variety of items and giving them a common tag. You can filter upon a specific tag or multiple tags. You can create filters that are also based upon items that do or do not possess that tag or have multiple tags in common. An item can have multiple tags so there is no restriction on the possibilities of filter definitions. See tags as a way of saying an item can be in 1 group or another or both, whereas attributes must have 1 choice or the other.


Opens a paste dialog where you can paste data from external sources to create the desired tags. The only required field is Name, which applies to the Item Name which you wish to have associated with the tag. You can structure tag columns as “Group Name.Tag Name” to create a Tag Group from the data.

Note: Tags can only be deleted in the Story Setup, under the Items tab and Tags sub-tag.

Add a Tag

Type in the name of a new tag you wish to create and press the “+” and the Tag will be created.

Note: To assign the tag into a group, you must do this in the Story Setup, under the Items tab and Tags sub-tag.

Saving your changes

You must press “OK” to save the changes, any other way of leaving the data grid (clicking the cross or cancel) will result in your changes not being saved.