Often when building your story you want to include links to SharePoint sites, other business systems and external websites within the items so that users have quick links to useful additional content.

In addition to adding URL resources one-by-one to the items, you can bulk paste URL resources into the Data Grid.


You can access the Data Grid from the story toolbar:


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To bulk add URL resources

  1. Access the Data Grid and navigate to the Resource URLs tab

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2. Click Paste and use Ctrl-V to paste your data into the grid

3. Choose whether to match on Name (default) or using an alternative ID

4. A preview of the pasted Resource URLs will be shown in the data grid paste dialog. You can also view the pasted data in text form in the text tab in the Data Grid Paste dialog. Click OK to save.


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5. Open an item and you will see the newly imported URLs in the Resources panels



The name or ID of the item to which the resource is to be added. Can be left blank in which case the resource will be uploaded to the story but not associated with an item.


The display name for the resource


A description of the resource (optional)


The full URL


Tags to help when searching for resources (optional)