Story Relationships

These are the relationships that exist in this local story.

Inherited Relationships

These relationships are relationships that have been created in a different story in the same Enterprise Solution. The story must be an Enterprise story for it to have inherited relationships.

New Relationship

This is where you can create a new relationship between 2 items via the data grid and can provide a comment on the new relationships.


Delete the highlighted relationship. 


Opens a paste dialog where you can paste data from external sources to create the relationships. The required fields are 

Item 1 and Item 2, referencing the two items that are going to be related.

Fill down

Can fill down the same attribute value to any selected number of items in an easy way.

Saving your changes

You must press “OK” to save the changes, any other way of leaving the data grid (clicking the cross or cancel) will result in your changes not being saved.