Inherited Items and Shared Item tabs are only available in Enterprise Stories. The tabs will show the data of any Inherited or Shared items present in the story, but if the attributes are inherited from a template, the columns will be greyed out as you must makes these edits in the story these items are local to. You will still be able to edit the local attributes in the current local story.


New Item 

This will create a new item in the data sheet, which is represented by a new row of data. 

Delete Cells 

Clears the content of the highlighted cells. You can click and drag over multiple cells. It is worth noting that this operation does not work on “Name”, “Category”, “Start” or “Duration” attributes. 

Delete Items 

Deletes the selected item(s). 


Produces the paste dialog to be able to manually paste data in from external sources. The only required field is the “Name” field, unless matching on External ID, then an External ID field is also required. 

Select Columns 

Can select what columns to display in the data grid. Note, some columns such as Internal ID, Likes, Dislikes and Published are columns that are hidden by default. 

Fill Down 

Can fill down the same attribute value to any selected number of items in an easy way. 

Separate Tabs 


Each category will have its individual sheet in the data grid. This can be setup in the Story Setup, assigning attributes to specific categories. You can paste data into the relevant tab with the unique set of attributes for ease of data movement. 

Saving your changes 

You must press “OK” to save the changes, any other way of leaving the data grid (clicking the cross or cancel) will result in your changes not being saved.