The ‘performance’ of operations within SharpCloud is influenced by a range of factors such as the size of the story data, the complexity of the views and the technical environment (hardware, connectivity, browser) in which you are operating. 

To allow users to respond to their environment and current context, we have added thresholds that story Owners can set in order to positively impact the performance of their story. These user-controls have been added to a new Performance tab within the Story set-up screen.


Disable Animation 

SharpCloud animates the transitions between item positions as you filter or move between views. Users can now disable this animation when the number of items shown in the view exceeds a threshold. By default, the threshold is 500 items but this can be changed by the story Owner or Admin. For example, if you find yourself with slow performance, working with a large story, doing lots of interactive filtering, you may want to (effectively) disable animation by setting a low value for the Disable item animation if a view contains more than setting. 

Disable Edit-Undo 

SharpCloud keeps a track of all changes to a story so the user can undo / redo their changes within the current session. This allows you to confidently explore and modify your story, perhaps when working through ‘what if’ scenarios with your colleagues. Where the environment in which you are operating is sub-optimal (eg. In terms of poor connection, poor hardware and slow browser) and / or your story is large, you may gain improved performance during save operations by disabling the edit/undo capability. By default, the threshold is 1000 items but this value for the Disable edit undo if this story contains more than setting can be set lower by the story Owner or Admin.


As these settings operate at a story level, they cannot control for the specific circumstances of all users shared on the story. However, they do provide a way for the story Owner / Admin to react to both a general environment and a one-off situation.