A presentation in SharpCloud is a dynamic and interactive step by step journey through a story that shows views and panels of content in a predefined order. You can set up any number of presentations to help you communicate key messages to different audiences or to support different meetings or scenarios. Once created, presentations can be clicked through by anyone who has access to the story.

If the data is updated or amended in anyway, the changes will be automatically reflected in the presentation slides. During the presentation, the slides will remain interactive, so at any point, you can interact with the items on the slide and quickly leave the presentation to potentially take a different direction through the data.

To Manage Presentations, use the drop-down menu on the Story Setup and clickManage Presentations”. 

You will have 2 methods of creating a presentation, from scratch by using the “Add Presentation” or from an existing PDF, where each PDF page will be converted to a SharpCloud presentation slide.