Filtering is one of the most key aspects within SharpCloud. There are 3 types of Filter within SharpCloud:

  1. Interactive Filter – Where you can create interactive buttons at the bottom of a view so items and/or relationships can be filtered out/in by a click of a button based upon categories, attributes, tags and even other items they are related to.
  2. Base Filter – Define a Filter which determines what items are eligible for a view. This filter differs from Interactive filters as you can stack multiple filter queries up at once to create an overarching filter which allows a specific subset of items in at your choice. This filter does not affect the view structure.
  3. Enterprise Filter – If the story is part of an Enterprise Solution, the Enterprise Filter can be used. This filter adds items from other stories in the Enterprise solution and can never reduce the number of items on the view. See this filter as topping up your view with items from other stories. Just like the base filter, multiple filter queries can be built to develop a unique subset of items being filtered into the story.

Note: To access the Base and Enterprise Filters, the advanced toggle must be activated.

All the filters can be accessed in the View Setup by clicking on the Filters subtab (displayed below) or by using the dropdown next to the view setup.