"Publish this story" Tab

By default a story is private. Stories can be published to a restricted audience or made public with no access restrictions.

Publish a story to a private directory

Where several stories need to be shared with the same group - with View only permissions - a private directory can be used. Only stories in teams with explicit permission to publish to a directory can be published by the story owners.

Any directories that the current story can be published to (by the fact that it is in a permitted team) are listed and can be published to.

Make a story public

When you make a story public, users can access and view the story without needing to have a SharpCloud account. This includes whether you create a 'public URL' and distribute it via email, or if you publish the story to the SharpCloud Gallery.

Note that if your stories are in a Team, the Team administrators control whether the team stories can be published in this way.