The dashboard is designed to give you easy access to your stories and content.

Pin your favorite stories 

Stories can be pinned by right-clicking on the story and selecting 'Pin story', giving quicker access to the stories you use most.

To Unpin the story just right-click on it, and select Unpin story.

Search is another popular feature of the main dashboard

The Search bar allows easy filtering of stories and lets you quickly find a specific story.

The ability to further filter or extend the search is possible through the drop-down menu. You can choose from: Recent, Active, Featured or All stories. These search results can also be sorted by ascending name, date created etc.

You can search for specific Items or Comments including keyword text by navigating to the Items or Comments tab on the dashboard and typing your terms into the search box. 

Dashboard Story Operations

Right clicking on a story gives you a number of options, including unsubscribing, copying and sharing (with appropriate permissions)

As shown in the above screenshots, there are a number of options available to users when they right-click on the story. These include:

- Pin story/Unpin story

- Open story/Open story (new window)

- Subscribe/Unsubscribe

- View notifications/Mark notifications as read

- Share story

Sharing from the Dashboard

It is possible to assign and manage all story permissions directly from the dashboard. Right clicking a story on the dashboard provides access to the full Share screen (also available from the share button within a story).

From the dashboard you are now able to manage the permissions of existing users, assign (view, edit, admin) permissions to additional users, change the ownership of the story, publish it and more.

Story Information

When you mouse over stories on your dashboard, additional information about the story is displayed, making it easier for you to identify the story you want without having to first open it. This includes stories in your recent stories panel, the full set of your stories in the My stories tab, stories in your team sites and in directories that you have access to.