Timeline markers allow you to include vertical lines at specified dates on your timeline and also to shade specific date ranges to identify, for example, separate planning and execution phases of a project.  They are useful in roadmapping and project planning for indicating things like deadlines and critical paths.

How to:

  1. From your timeline view open the view options menu
  2. Click the Markers button to open the timeline markers screen
  3. Add a timeline marker and give it a name – the name will appear on the timeline view

Configuring the timeline marker

If you create multiple timeline markers, the sequence of the markers in the list will determine which order they are overlaid on the timeline view with the first one in the list being the first to be overlaid on the timeline view.

Set the start and end dates for the markers. These can be absolute dates or relative dates using the conventions like +1m.

Where you set the start and end dates of a marker as absolute dates the marker will always be shown between these two dates. Where you set a relative start or end date these will move relative to the current date.

You can set a date relative to Today’s date. For example you can set the date to Todays date plus or minus a certain number of days, weeks, months or years.

Convention is Today +/- N x

Where N is the number of days expressed as an integer

Where x is the days, weeks, months or years expressed as d, w, m or y. For example Today + 2 w will place a timeline marker two weeks ahead of today’s date.

The convention for the date is dd mmm yyyy as in 12 Feb 2015

Set the colour and opacity for the timeline marker

Linking markers to items

You can link a timeline marker to an item. These markers inherit their start and end dates from the related item and so will appear where the item appears on the timeline view.

Where the timeline view is showing both the start and end dates for the item the timeline marker will inherit both these properties and so will appear as a range on the timeline view. And where the timeline is only showing the start dates of items, the timeline marker will appear as a vertical line only.

If the item is dragged to a different position on the timeline or has its date updated in the edit panel the timeline marker will update in line with this