What is the Restore period?

The restore period is known as how frequently a restore point is created. 

Backups of the story are made every 5 minutes and restore points will expire after 30 days.

You can expand the restore point to see the audit activity recorded since the previous backup, or you can look at the activity feed to see what else has been captured.

If you leave the browser session, close down the tab or move to another story then you will be unable to use the Undo function. 

How often can I restore my story?

You can restore your story as much as you'd like, for up to 30 days per restore point, then the restore will expire. After the restore point has expired, you will not be able to restore to after this point. 

If you do need to restore back to a point after the 30 day limit, then we may be able to do this from our end but you would need to email us at support@sharpcloud.com. Feel free to email us at anytime!

Who else can restore the story back to a certain point?

Only the owner of the story has the ability to restore the story, all other permissions (Admin, Edit, View) will not be able to use this feature. If you would like someone else to be able to restore your story, you could transfer ownership of the story to them, then let them perform the restore and then they can transfer ownership of the story back to them. 

Can this process be automated?

Unfortunately, this process can not be automated when working in a SharpCloud story in the browser. It may be possible to do using the API/SDK but we'd need a solid reasoning behind why you may want to do so. If this is of interest to you then feel free to email us at support@sharpcloud.com for more info. 

What happens if I can't restore my story? Or my story has no restore points?

If you can't restore a story back to a certain point, one of two might will be happening. The first is that the story may be relatively new and you haven't made any edits within the first 5 minutes of creating the story. The second is that all the restore points have expired as there hasn't been any activity in the story for the past 30 days. 

What's included in my restore?

All changes made to core story elements:

  • Categories
  • Attributes
  • Items
  • Panels
  • Views
  • Tags
  • Relationships
  • Resources


  • Forms
  • Presentations
  • Calculated values
  • Any change made to View Options

What's not included in my restore?

  • Comments do not appear in the restore points and are not touched by the restore
  • Any changes made in the View Options do not appear in the restore points but do get restored

What happens when you make edits to a story using any of the other following SharpCloud products?

SharpCloud is known as a web-based cloud application which means that all changes made to this version of SharpCloud (that you're used to working in), apply throughout all of our products, as these products all stem from the same build. Every time an update is applied this rolls through all of our products so you're always working with the latest features and interface. These products are as follows:

SharpCloud for Enterprise

As this is essentially an update of the current product and builds on the proven foundations of SharpCloud, all edits and restores you make in SharpCloud for Enterprise will act as they do in SharpCloud for Small Business. Please see the Enterprise panel for more info.

SharpCloud Desktop App

Similar to SharpCloud for Enterprise, the Desktop app used for working offline also builds on top of the current foundations of SharpCloud. So any update that applies to SharpCloud in the browser rolls through and applies to the Desktop app as well, hence why the app prompts you to update on occasion. 


Since this tool is only used to bring in data to a story, users are unable to restore their story in QueryConnect as this feature doesn't directly affect this function. Although, data inputted into a story via QC will be considered when restoring your story.

Item Syncronizer 

Since this tool is only used to sync items in a story, users are unable to restore their story in Item Syncronizer as this feature doesn't directly affect this function. Although, data items that have been updated using this tool will be considered when restoring your story.