To restore your story, please follow these steps: 

1. Open up your story, and head to the drop down list next to the undo button. Select Restore Story.


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2. A new window will appear, here you will see a list of all the restore points ranging back 30 days, depending on how old the story is:


3. Each restore point contains additional information regarding who has the made an edit at that restore point / moment in time. This information consists of the following:

  • Restore point - this is the point at which SharpCloud captures the restore after 5 minute intervals.
  • Date modified - this is the date and time at which a user has made an edit within a story.
  • Modified by - this is the name of the user who has made the edit. 

4. You can click the + symbol to expand each of the restore points to gather more information on what is included in that particular restore and the edits that have been made at that time. 



5. When you have selected the correct restore point, and have expanded the point to ensure it includes all the edits you want to revert back from. Proceed to click Restore. You will then be prompted with a confirmation message:



6. Click Yes, and your story will be restored to that point in time. 

Note: You may realise that when you click a restore point, the date/time that SharpCloud says you want to restore back to seems to be that of the previous point. This is actually by design because SharpCloud is stating that you want to restore your story up to this point in time, and include the restore point/s that are ahead of this. 

You will see a green progress bubble pop up:



7. After restoring, you will see Restored appear in the restore menu to let you know that you have restored your story to a certain point. 



8. Just like before, you can expand this point to show more information on what has been included in the latest restore. It will also show the date / time (US format) of when you have restored back to. 



9. If you restore back to the wrong point in time, don't worry, you can undo this restore by simply clicking on Restore next to where it says Restored: 1 update. This will revert the change.