Users are now able to restore their story back to a certain point in time for up to 30 days!

This new feature enables you to recover data that you may have deleted by accident or are unable to get back by using the undo function, but you can only restore a story if you are the Owner of the story!

Backups of the story are made every 5 minutes but if you wish to revert changes made within the last 5 minutes, you may still be able to use the Undo feature. 

All restores are captured within the audit trail in the activity feed as well as in the backlog captured by the restore process itself. The audit trail captures all edits that have been made within a story such as creation of new attributes or new panels, deletion of items and so on. More info on what's included in the restore can be found in Section 5.

An important point to make is that if you delete a comment within a story by accident, and even the story as well, then these components can not be recovered using this functionality. You would need to comment in the story again.

To recover a story after deletion, you will need to email us at and we can do this for you. 

This feature can be used in conjunction with all other SharpCloud products including the following:

  • SharpCloud for Small Business
  • SharpCloud for Enterprise
  • QueryConnect
  • SharpCloud for Desktop