Forms can be used to edit existing items in a story, allowing users who have edit or higher permissions on the story to contribute and collaborate on the story easily. There are a few pieces of information that you need to be aware of to be able to fully harness the power of using forms to edit items. 


1. The forms must Allow Item Editing. This setting can be found in the “Manage Forms” Dialog box as shown below. If this option is not selected, that form can only be used to create items and not edit existing items. 




2. Having attributes that already have a populated default value but are set to hidden, will show items that meet that criteria. This can be shown in the below example: 




In this example form, the required value for category has been set as “Programs”, and has been set so that attribute is hidden, meaning that it will not be displayed on the form. 


When using the form via the form tab, you can select items in context on the view and edit them easily as shown below 



When an item is selected, the name of the item will appear above the available form names. The form will also populate with the current values those attributes hold, just as shown in the lower half of the form. 


This makes editing a specific set of attributes defined by the story owner a lot easier for the editors and admins. This gives control to the owner to ask for collaboration on key attributes and information, but also provides ease for admins and editors to be able to easily change the attribute data.