SharpCloud Forms are a great way for users to add new items to a story or edit existing items in a story. They can be used either from within the story itself, or separately through the Form interface on a mobile, tablet or PC. 


You can create one or more Forms for your story, and you can choose from a range of user types who have access to this Form, from people who have had the story shared with them with Admin or Edit permissions, all the way to users who do not have a SharpCloud account. You also have the ability to configure a view to display a chosen form. This allows users who have the right permissions to the story to be able to edit/create items in an easy way. This can be set up in the View Setup under the Layout tab. 


Forms are therefore a great tool for supporting your workshops and brainstorming sessions. 


Forms can also be used across an Enterprise Solution, following the same rules of inheritance as items and views, making it easier to use forms across many stories that share the same solution.