What are relationship attributes?

Relationship attributes are the properties of your relationships. Whilst relationships represent the lines that are drawn between a pair of items, relationship attributes describe the relationships and can be used to drive the thickness and color of relationship lines, and for filtering which relationships are displayed on a view. 

You can manually define the relationship attributes for your story in this screen or if you paste (or automate) relationship data into your story the relationship attributes are automatically created for you.

Relationship attributes can be Numeric, Text, List or Date format. (New stories may contain a sample attribute of each type which you can choose to update, deselect or delete).

Labels and colors

List and numeric relationship attributes can be given labels that describe their values or range of values. For example a list attribute called Strength could have labels of Weak, Moderate and Strong which you can assign colors to. The attribute can be selected to show as the relationship color (through the view options screen).


Relationship attributes can be used in relationship calculations to create new data and insight. They are referred to through a code that you assign here. Codes can be alphanumeric, any case but must be unique.

Saving your changes

Save the changes you have made to any of the settings within the Story set-up screens with the OK button or cancel all changes. To undo the set of changes click the undo button on the toolbar.

What can I do in this screen?

  • Add, rename, duplicate, select / deselect or delete relationship attributes
  • Add, update, re-order or delete labels and assign label colours
  • Assign a range (min / max), prefix, suffix to numeric attributes
  • Assign codes for the attributes which can be referenced when creating relationship calculations