What are Calculations / Calculated Values?

Calculated values (calculations) are a powerful way to calculate new data and provide new insight. They are similar to the cell calculations in spreadsheet tools like Microsoft Excel and provide a wide range of possibilities for extending your story data. Calculations use one or more of the attributes in your story (including other calculations) to create a new calculation. Each calculation that you create acts like a new attribute and can be used in views, filters and displayed in panels.

You can use calculations for many things, for example to work out the amount a project (item) is over budget (as totalspend - budget). As well as simple calculations such as this there are many use cases for calculated values including: creating flags for projects, scoring for risk registers and weighting for portfolio analysis. 

Calculations can create numeric, date or text data.

Steps in creating a calculated value 

  1. Choose the type of data to create (Numeric, Date or Text) 
  2. Name the calculation, and optionally give it a description
  3. Optionally give it a short code so it can be used in other calculations  
  4. Type in the formula. As you type, the matching functions, properties and attribute codes are listed, along with pop-up help on the required syntax
  5. Format the calculated value result by assigning a prefix/suffix if required (e.g. add “%” as suffix or “$” as prefix) 
  6. Add labels (with text and colour) to values to make them more visual. (Optional) 

Saving your changes

Save the changes you have made to any of the settings within the Story set-up screens with the OK button or cancel all changes. To undo the set of changes click the undo button on the toolbar.

What can I do in this screen?

Add, duplicate, update and delete calculations