What are Panels?

Panels contain content related to that item, and are displayed when you click an item to open it. The default panels that you see when you open an item are determined by the story owner's choice of global panels (controlled through this screen) and item specific panels (set in the Edit Item properties screen).

When to use Global panels

Use global panels when you want to show a consistent set of information in each item within one or more categories. For example, in add projects you want to display an attribute panel showing cost, benefit and RAG status; or for all people you want to display a relationship panel, showing what projects they are related to.

Every story includes the following standard global panels that can be renamed or deselected but cannot be deleted; Title, Resources, Relationships, and Tags.

You can create other custom global panels to further display and organize your content, namely:  Attribute, Video, Image, Rich text, Custom resource. You can delete any custom global panels that you create but remember this will delete all their content too. So if you are in doubt, just deselect the panel so it won’t be displayed, until you are sure.

Global panels can be toggled on and off for all items across all categories with one click using the 'All' checkbox.

Display order and color

When an item is opened, by default its panels are displayed in alphanumeric order and are colored the same as the category to which the item belongs. You can change these defaults through the advanced options.

Saving your changes

Save the changes you have made to any of the settings within the Story set-up screens with the OK button or cancel all changes. To undo the set of changes click the undo button on the toolbar.

In this screen you can

  • Add a new panel, and rename, edit and delete panels
  • Make selections in the grid to select which panels are to be displayed in which category of item
  • Show advanced options and set the specific order and colors for the panels