Name, description and image

Give your story a name, description and image. These affect how you and others who you have shared your story with identify and find the story. The name (required) and description (optional) are both checked when you kick-off a search from your dashboard.


Any story you create can be marked as a sample simply by ticking the Sample option. You and anyone who you have shared the story with can then select the story when they hit the New story button on their dashboard, and so create their own copy of the story.

Delete story

Only the story owner can delete the story. The story and all its content is deleted and cannot be recovered. Anyone who was previously shared on the story will no longer have access to it.

Copy story

Only the story owner can copy the story. A new story with the name name (snapshot: date and time) is created and can be opened (or searched for) on your dashboard. No one except the story owner has access to the new story (regardless of whether the original was shared with others) unless the new story has been created in a team, in which case team members will have view access to it.

Set the start year and horizon for the story

These choices determine the date range that is used in any timeline views. You can choose and year as the start date and any horizon from 1 up to 100 years.

Status of the story

This is an optional piece of information which is not included in searches or displayed elsewhere.

Saving your changes

Save the changes you have made to any of the settings within the Story set-up screens with the OK button or cancel all changes. To undo the set of changes click the undo button on the toolbar.