Within SharpCloud, you have the ability to search for either items, resources attached to an item or information stored on a panel such as a description.

This can save a great amount of time looking through all of the items in a story or potentially an Enterprise Solution.

To search, press the magnifying glass in the main toolbar, located in the top right as highlighted below:

Tip: Users can also use “Alt + Q” to open the search dialog.

Searching is available to users with a premium license. Users who do not have a premium license can still use the shortcut method mentioned above or use a search widget if the story owner/admin has made one available to them.

Once the search dialog is open, there are several options to be aware of that will be covered below:

By default, searching will be performed on published item names that exist within the story. There are modifications that can be made to these search parameters to find the item you are searching for:

Default – Using the search field in the top left, the string of text entered will attempt to match on an item’s name, description, tags or comments.

Resources – Ticking this box will also search any resources that are associated with the item, irrespective of it being placed on a panel. For example, if the resource box is ticked and the user searches for “YouTube”, it will return any items that have a resource that mentions YouTube. This will search the resource name, description and tags.

Panel Data – Checking this box will expand the search to include information that exists on panels of items, for example, a string of text that exists on a rich text panel.

Attributes: Using this setting will expand the search requirements to search for attribute values, for example, “Red”, will return items that have include an attribute value of “Red” or has the word  “Red” appearing in an attribute value. It will also include any items that have a name, description, tag or comment including “Red”.

Unpublished – By default, items are created as “Published”, but items can be changed to “Unpublished” at the Owner/Admin/Editor’s discretion. This checkbox will expand the search parameters to include any unpublished items.

More Info – The More Info box on the right-hand side increases the information displayed in the search dialog to include a description of the item and other properties such as owner and creation date and modified date.

“Peeking” into an item”:

A user can “peek” into or preview an item from the search dialog to show the item’s “exploded” view (panels exposed), so the user can decide if that was the correct item. If it’s not, simply clicking on the background will return the user to the search dialog.

To “peek” into an item, hover over the item and click on the eye icon represented in the top right of the icon as shown below:

Searching in an Enterprise Story:

Searching in a story will show items that are in the story as local, shared, inherited or dynamically filtered in.

Dynamically filtered items only exist on specific enterprise views, depending on the setup of the Enterprise Filter.

The search functionality will only search items that exist in the story at that point. If the user is on a view which does not have an Enterprise Filter dynamically filtering items in that the user is trying to search for, the search will not return those items.