Sharing stories with colleagues or customers allows you to engage them in a conversation around your story content, and to capture their feedback into your story. You can share your stories with 'view' permissions with anyone and this allows them to both view, interact with and comment on your story.

You can also get others to help co-create or edit your story by granting them edit or admin level permissions (dependent on the subscription type they hold).

Share your story with individuals

To share your story with one or more named individuals enter the email addresses (or usernames if you know them) of the people you want to share with, then choose the permission level you want to give them from the drop down menu.

To share a story with others you must hold a Premium subscription and be the story owner or have admin permissions to it.

Anyone can be granted view-only permissions and anyone with a Collaborator subscription can also be given edit permissions, and a Premium subscription also admin permissions.

Team stories may have their sharing options restricted by the team administrator.