An up-to-date and informative profile ensures your contacts and other SharpCloud users that you interact with get the right impression of you. You can update all personal details at any time.


The only profile details that other SharpCloud users can see (when they click on your profile image in stories you share) are your name, profile pictureorganisation, homepage, LinkedIn profile link and, bio.



Account details

Your account is made up of your username, email address and password. Username cannot be changed.


If your SharpCloud account has been associated with an Office365 account you are not able to change your password or email address here, as it is managed through your O365 account administration.


Subscription details

Your subscription details are displayed along with how long you have held an account for. A coloured border around your profile image indicates that you have a premium licence.



Preferred data formats can be defined within this tab. From the dropdown list you are able to select your preferred date format and your preferred number format.


Emails are sent to you if someone comments on a story to which you are subscribed. From this tab you can also choose to receive these comments as they happen, and/or as a daily or weekly digest.



Change Password

If your account is not associated with O365 you can change the email address under which your account is registered, and your password can be changed from the change password tab.



Delete Account

From this dialog you can also delete your account along with all the stories you own. Please note that once your account has been deleted it cannot be recovered.