Add a new view to the story. The view will appear at the bottom of the view strip on the left of the story screen.

The types of views you can add are Layer, Grid, List, 3D, Wall, Timeline, Map, Compare, Column and Donut.

Once you have added the view use the view options button on the toolbar to configure and enhance it.

You can create as many views as you need.

About views

Views are used to display all or a subset of your data in a visually compelling way. Whilst each view acts as its own lens onto the data, the views are all dynamic and linked so that as you move from one to another the items transition with the view so you retain as much of the perspective from the previous view.

The majority of types of view in SharpCloud are used to display the items according to some combination of their data attributes – for example, the category they belong to, or their values for attributes like cost, impact, market sector and alike – and to display the relationships between items.

However the Wall view provides a completely freeform canvas on which you can organise your items and you can also plot items on some views according to their number of relationships and comments.