SharpCloud Features

Data Driven Views

SharpCloud stories feed on data, so everyone always has access to the latest copy and can see the latest dates, priorities, links/documents and other metrics. Combining this with other content and peer feedback is what makes SharpCloud so powerful.

Highlight KPI’s with colour

Highlight KPI’s with colour

Create dynamic timelines

Dynamic Timelines

Create custom views

Create custom views

Time and Relationships

It is near impossible to use traditional tools to effectively communicate and make decisions on how elements of your business are inter-related and progressing with time, in context with your strategy, projects and roadmaps. SharpCloud makes this easy through a variety of flexible, collaborative views.

Explore and understand relationships

Understand the context of relationships and time

Top Down / Bottom Up

High level executives and technical experts alike can interact with your SharpCloud Story, getting the level of detail they need by drilling down. With flexible ways of organising, tagging and categorising, your audience can filter and focus on what they're interested in.

Filtered views let anyone focus on an interest area

Trace low level projects to high level strategy

Realtime Updates

Updating PowerPoints and reports can be tedious and time consuming, but the SharpCloud API may be used to connect Stories to data sources - like project systems, finance systems or any data warehouse.

Pull data in from SharePoint, SAP or any other system

Videos, Documents, Slides and Links

By layering in an unlimited amount of detailed content in your stories, your audience can dive in when they need to, avoiding death by PowerPoint.

Attach documents and URLs to your items

View PowerPoint slides in context

View item data such as KPIs and financial metrics

Dynamic Presentations

SharpCloud presentations are dynamic and flexible – they remain up to date when your content changes, can be used on or offline and may also be exported.

Build presentations to guide others through your story

Social Communities

Each SharpCloud story acts like a community, with each consumer or contributor able to interact independently, according to strict permissions, with feedback and activity channelled into an easy to use stream.

See feedback in context, not lost in your inbox

See activity from all your stories – activityfeed

Free Sharing

There is no limit to the number of people you can share with, both individuals as well as groups that can be quickly set up. There is also a strict permissioning structure, so you can decide how restricted others are with your content. SharpCloud can also be connected to your Active Directory.

Quick and easy to share your stories

Mobile, iPad and Offline

SharpCloud works offline and across mobile devices, with apps for iPhone and iPad and more coming soon.

View and comment on any story from your ipad, online or offline: Ipad screenshot

Mobile screenshots?


SharpCloud is an effective tool for digitising the workshop process, ensuring that attendees stay engaged with the objectives and content, long after the physical session is over.

Digitise your post-its on a virtual wall