SharpCloud FAQ's

Here are the most common user questions. Divided in to 3 sections:

Have a question not covered below? No problem! Simply get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Can I create stories using the SDK / API?

Yes. Users with a Premium subscription can have access to the SharpCloud SDK / API free of charge.

Can I embed a story in my website or on my intranet?

Yes. Users with a Premium or Personal subscription can publish stories to the SharpCloud Public Gallery.

Can I use SharpCloud offline?

Yes. Users with Premium, Personal or Collaborator subscriptions can use SharpCloud offline. Viewers can access SharpCloud online.

Do I have to have an Office 365 account in order to use SharpCloud?

No. Anyone can sign in to SharpCloud using a username and password of their choice. However, you have the option to use your Office 365 account where you have one and this gives the benefit to you of single sign-in to SharpCloud.

I used to have a Basic subscription, can I still access the story I created?

Basic subscriptions have been migrated to Viewer subscriptions. With a Viewer subscription you are still able to view and comment on your own story and any other stories that have been shared with you. You cannot edit your story, but when you're ready, you can start a free Premium trial.

What user roles does SharpCloud support?

The community of users who have access to a story can have one or four levels of permission. Owner, Admin, Edit and View.


Can one person have both a Collaborator and a Personal subscription?

Yes. For example, you may have been assigned a Collaborator subscription so you can work with others on their stories, but you may also want your own Personal subscription that allows you to create your own stories.

Can we align all subscriptions purchased throughout the year to one payment schedule?

Yes. Our online payment process offers you the option to add additional purchased subscriptions to the same customer pack as your existing subscriptions, so creating this alignment. However where your organisation has multiple customer packs please contact us.

Can we buy any combination of Premium and Collaborator subscriptions or is there a minimum?

Yes. There is no minimum so you can choose the right number of Premium and Collaborator subscriptions to suit your needs.

Do I need a support contract?

Support contracts are a requirement if you choose to have SharpCloud installed on-premises or hosted in your own private cloud. Support contracts are optional when working on the service.

We are a business using Office 365 what benefits does this have when using SharpCloud?

Organisations using Office 365 can choose to apply the consent-framework which will enforce all users from their domain to sign in to SharpCloud using their Office 365 credentials. The advantage here is that all aspects of user authentication (eg. Password protocol, reset frequency etc.) are controlled through your Azure AD settings and this means that leavers and joiners are also handled through your Azure AD.

What is the minimum subscription period?

The minimum subscription period for any type of subscription is one month.

What support is available to me?

Users with Premium, Personal or Collaborator subscriptions can access support via email. Viewer subscriptions access help through the Help (training) story.


Can I publish a story to the SharpCloud Public Gallery?

Yes. Users with a Premium or Personal subscription can publish stories to the SharpCloud Public Gallery. Premium users can also make a story accessible through a Public URL and can set up and publish to private access-controlled directories.

Is there any limit on storage for my account?

There is no limit to the number of stories you can create or the storage available for your rich content. A single file limit may apply. Fair usage rules apply.

Who owns my stories, me or my company?

The stories you create in SharpCloud are owned by whoever owns the email address domain with which your account is associated.